Unveiling the Founder of Contemporary Worship: The Impactful Journey of John Wimber

As a Christian music worship leader, I have always been fascinated by the roots of contemporary worship. It's quite interesting to see how far we've come from the traditional hymns to the contemporary songs we sing today. However, it's essential to acknowledge the pioneers who started contemporary worship and honor them for their contribution to modern-day worship.

In this article, we'll delve into the life and works of the founder of contemporary worship, John Wimber. We'll take a look at how his journey started and the impact he had on worship.

Who was John Wimber?

John Wimber was born on February 25, 1934, in Kirksville, Missouri. He grew up in a religious family and was exposed to Christianity from a young age. However, Wimber didn't fully commit to Christianity until he was 29 years old.

After his conversion, Wimber became an active member of the Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, California. He served as a pastor and eventually became the director of Calvary Chapel's School of Ministry.

Wimber's journey into contemporary worship started in the mid-1970s when he attended a conference held by the Christian musician and composer, John Michael Talbot. The conference changed his perspective on worship, and he started to incorporate contemporary songs into his church services.

The Birth of Contemporary Worship

John Wimber is credited as the founder of contemporary worship. He introduced a new style of worship that was different from the traditional hymns that were popular at the time.

Wimber believed that worship was a form of communication between God and man. He believed that contemporary worship was more effective in reaching people and creating an atmosphere of worship. The contemporary songs were easier to understand, and the lyrics could be easily memorized.

Wimber's style of worship was characterized by a focus on the Holy Spirit. He believed that the Holy Spirit was an essential part of worship, and he encouraged the congregation to participate in the worship.

The Impact of John Wimber on Worship

John Wimber's impact on worship cannot be overemphasized. He introduced a new style of worship that was embraced by many churches. His teachings on worship went beyond the songs we sing. He emphasized the importance of the Holy Spirit in worship and encouraged people to participate in the worship.

Wimber's style of worship has influenced many contemporary worship leaders today. He paved the way for the modern worship movement that we see today.

However, Wimber's impact on worship was not limited to contemporary worship. He also had a significant impact on the church as a whole. He believed in the power of prayer and the importance of healing. He encouraged people to pray for healing and believed that God could do miracles today.

Wimber's teachings on healing have influenced many churches today. Many churches have incorporated healing services into their worship services, and people have experienced healing through prayer.

The Legacy of John Wimber

John Wimber passed away on November 17, 1997, at the age of 63. However, his legacy lives on.

Wimber's impact on worship and the church is still felt today. His teachings on the Holy Spirit, healing, and worship have influenced many churches and worship leaders.

Wimber's legacy is evident in the Vineyard Church, which he founded. The Vineyard Church is a global network of churches that share Wimber's vision for worship, the Holy Spirit, and healing.


John Wimber was a pioneer in contemporary worship. He introduced a new style of worship that was different from the traditional hymns that were popular at the time. Wimber's focus on the Holy Spirit and his teachings on worship and healing have influenced many churches and worship leaders today.

As worship leaders, we should honor the pioneers of contemporary worship like John Wimber. We should continue to innovate and create an atmosphere of worship that draws people closer to God.

Let us remember the words of the psalmist in Psalm 96:1-2, "Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth. Sing to the Lord, praise his name; proclaim his salvation day after day."

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