Aaron Moses was born to the late Carolyn Moses on August the 29th 1985. Aaron grew up in a single parent house hold he and his two older sisters. Aaron found his Passion for music at a young age he and his friends would use it as a pastime. Aaron developed his unique ability to convey his life story via rap by studying artist such as Tupac, Maze feat. Frankie Beverly and E-40. At the age of 9 Aaron was giving the nickname Big E because family members said he reminded them of E-40 he still carry that name to this day. His childhood was one of a more difficult journey. Aaron attended over five elementary schools as he and his family struggled to find a safe neighborhood to call their own. With his father not present in the home neither being active in his life he manage to find ways to encourage his peers that life would not always be a disappointment. At the age of 10 Aaron received news that would change his life forever. His mother had been diagnosed with HIV. For years he and his family only had struggles to look forward to. On more than one occasion his family moved in volunteers of American (a local homeless shelter). In his childhood years Aaron began to hang with guys in the neighborhood who on a regular basis got in trouble with the law. As Aaron began to get older he started doing things such as using and selling drugs, auto theft and anything that could help pay bills. He found himself headed to what seemed to be an inevitable destiny for guys from his surroundings. The now young man of his house hold continued to hold tight to his music dream. During his freshmen year in high school Aaron had to suddenly drop out to assist as a care-giver for his terminal Ill mother. Aaron moved in with some family members and started a rap group of five guys who call themselves "the savage boys". Aaron started spending more time studying books and Gods Holy Word. His rapping ability seemed be progressing by the studio session. In 2004 " the savage boys" would almost brake down the door of stardom. After attending the International Arts, Music and Film festival in New York City, the group would have to swallow a harsh pill of reality. They never got called for an interview with an A&R rep. Back home in Louisiana tempers began to flair and the guys started to go their own way. After countless fundraisers, free shows and three albums Aaron decided that he had enough. Aaron decided that he was a solo Artist at heart and that it would be better for the industry if he went solo. In March of 2006 Aaron’s mother Carolyn passed away. After witnessing firsthand the pain and suffering his mother went through Aaron said “the experience was an extremely bitter sweet one”. Aaron then began to spend more time with God and decided that he had some unfinished business with his life. In July of that same year Aaron at the age of 20 went on to marry his girlfriend of two years. By May of the following year Aaron had obtain his GED, started HopeMusic and Hopemovies Ent and enrolled in college where he currently majors in Entertainment Technology. Aaron in 2008 answered his calling to be a preacher, a dream that he always knew he would forefeel. Aaron is the father of one and one expecting. He is the first and only one of his siblings to attend college. At 25 years of age he is the first person in his family to be a home owner. Buy the grace of God Aaron adds. Aaron serves as a full time father, husband, evangelist, and business owner. Aaron doesn't wait but works for the day when God will let him walk through the door that he can do full-time ministry, films, and music while changing people lives for the Glory of God. On may 1st of this year Aaron released his debut solo album “Manifestation”. The album was nationally release through Hopemusic and Hopemovies ent and Tate Music Group. Aaron was recently Student of the Month at the college he attends and the album has received promotion on nationwide television. Aaron is a work alcoholic he lost over 80lbs preparing for the release of his album. In March of 2011 Aaron and his wife lost their second son after 17 days of life; however, they’re still trusting God. Aaron is a brilliant, wonderful person and a gifted musician; he will be an asset to anyone who is willing to but give him a mere interview
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