Amanda Danziger is an independent singer-songwriter from Pennsylvania focusing on her spiritual journey. Amanda grew up as a first generation American, surrounded by Egyptian-coptic culture from her parents. Her upbringing sparked her love of music and art. Surrounded every Sunday evening by her 19-first cousins at the church her father started, at age 12, Amanda began to teach herself the guitar and lead the church into worship. Amanda’s work is produced by a childhood friend, Filipe Michael, founder of the Dreamfoot app. Amanda and Filipe connected when they were both in high school at an Arabic church summer conference. That’s when they both began writing simple melodies. Four years ago, Amanda found herself in a hospital bed where fear overcame her soul to the point of hopelessness. The experience became a springboard for her writing. “I’ve discovered through my trials that the flesh is weak, but there is so much strength within God. Music has become therapy for me. My heart sings things that need to be let out, and my mind is connecting and finding a deeper foundation.” Filipe helped Amanda bring out the organic message of her music over the years and to help tell the story of her trial in worship. As a visual artist, Amanda’s hope is to connect community through any piece of art medium, and lately Amanda has been combining her video and photography work with her musical releases.
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