Sydney born worship musician Ben Potter produces reflective and peace filled music that implores you to connect with God wherever you’re at. Inspired by musicians such as the earthy and understated @Ryan Smith (C3 Music) or moving melodies of @Stephany Gretzinger (Bethel Collective), Ben’s music is reserved but has a strong sense of praise and worship throughout. While he would love to be the worship leader who leads congregation into high praise, he knows he is called to lead people into a place of rest and connecting with the peace of God. Birthed out of a season of significant loss, his debut album ‘Reside' is a journey of relearning the truth to place trust in the one that sees more than you do. The understated nature of the tracks take you on a journey allowing you to breathe and understand with God there is no pressure of performance and perfection is non-existent. God is not a taskmaster, it's simply about letting go and letting Him in.
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