Cageless Birds is not just a band, it's a movement, a community, and a way of life. They are a group of passionate artists who create music, write books, and make leather goods that inspire and encourage people to live fully alive. Their unique blend of folk, indie, and worship music has captivated audiences all over the world, and their message of freedom and authenticity resonates deeply with listeners. The Cageless Birds community was born out of the 18 Inch Journey, a discipleship school founded by Jonathan and Melissa Helser in 2010. The school, located in North Carolina, seeks to cultivate a lifestyle of passionate pursuit of God, equipping students to live as wholehearted worshippers. From this school, the Cageless Birds movement emerged, with the desire to create music and art that would express the heart of God and draw people into deeper intimacy with Him. Since their inception, Cageless Birds has released several albums that have received critical acclaim and touched the hearts of many. Their first album, "Live at Home," was recorded in their living room and captures the raw, intimate atmosphere of their worship gatherings. Songs like "Mountains High" and "You Make Me Brave" have become anthems for believers around the world. Their second album, "We Rise We Bow," showcases their growth and maturity as artists. Each song is a powerful declaration of surrender and devotion to God. The album features standout tracks like "Take Courage" and "On Earth As It Is In Heaven," which have become favorites among fans. In 2018, Cageless Birds released their third album, "Cultivate: Volumes I & II." This ambitious project is a double album that explores themes of identity, intimacy, and destiny. The songs are deeply personal and reflect the journey of the Cageless Birds community as they navigate the complexities of life and faith. Tracks like "Beautiful Love" and "Abide" invite listeners into a place of rest and trust in God's love. In addition to their music, Cageless Birds also creates leather goods that reflect the heart and vision of their community. Their handmade journals, wallets, and bags are crafted with care and attention to detail. Each item is designed to inspire creativity and remind people of their inherent worth and value. Cageless Birds has been recognized for their exceptional talent and artistry. They have received several awards for their music, including the GMA Dove Award for "Best Worship Album" and the We Love Christian Music Award for "Best Live Worship Experience." These accolades are a testament to the impact that their music has had on the worship community. In addition to their albums and leather goods, Cageless Birds also hosts events and gatherings that bring people together for times of worship, teaching, and creativity. These events provide a space for people to encounter God and connect with like-minded individuals who are on a similar journey. The Cageless Birds community continues to grow and expand, reaching more people with their music, art, and message of freedom. They are constantly pushing boundaries and exploring new ways to express their creativity and passion for God. Their recent project, "Ain't No Grave," is a collaboration with artist Claude Ely, featuring a collection of songs that celebrate the victory of Jesus over death. To stay up to date with Cageless Birds and their latest projects, you can follow them on their Facebook page and visit their website. Their music, books, and leather goods are available for purchase on Amazon and through their online store. Cageless Birds is not just a band, but a movement that is transforming lives and inspiring people to live fully alive. Their music, art, and message of freedom resonate deeply with listeners, inviting them into a deeper relationship with God. As they continue to create and innovate, we can expect great things from Cageless Birds in the future. So let's join the movement and embrace our own cagelessness, living in the fullness of who we were created to be.
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