Citizen Way is a contemporary Christian band that has been making waves in the music industry with their catchy melodies and inspiring lyrics. Comprised of brothers Ben and David Blascoe, along with Josh Calhoun and Daniel Olsson, Citizen Way burst onto the scene in 2012 and has been gaining popularity ever since. The band's journey began in 2004 when Ben and David Blascoe formed a worship band called The Least of These. They played at local churches and events, honing their musical skills and developing a passion for sharing their faith through music. In 2011, they officially became Citizen Way and signed with Fair Trade Services, a Christian record label. Citizen Way released their self-titled debut album in 2013, which quickly gained attention and brought them into the spotlight. The album featured the hit single "Should've Been Me," which reached the top of the Christian charts and earned the band a nomination for New Artist of the Year at the 2014 Dove Awards. Their second album, "2.0," was released in 2016 and showcased the band's growth and maturity as songwriters and performers. The album featured songs like "Bulletproof" and "When I'm With You," which became fan favorites and received significant radio play. In addition to their albums, Citizen Way has released several successful singles over the years. Their song "How Sweet the Sound" reached number one on the Christian charts and was nominated for a Dove Award in 2014. They have also collaborated with other Christian artists, such as Mandisa and Colton Dixon, on songs like "Evidence" and "Bigger." Citizen Way's music is known for its positive and uplifting messages, which resonate with listeners of all ages. Their lyrics often explore themes of faith, hope, and the struggles of everyday life, reminding listeners that they are not alone and that there is always a reason to keep going. Their music has a unique blend of rock, pop, and worship, creating a sound that is both energetic and heartfelt. In addition to their success on the charts, Citizen Way has also been recognized with several awards and nominations. They have been nominated for multiple Dove Awards, including New Artist of the Year and Rock/Contemporary Album of the Year. They have also received praise from critics and fans alike for their live performances, which are known for their high energy and passionate delivery. Beyond their music, Citizen Way is also actively involved in various charitable efforts. They have partnered with organizations like Compassion International and Food for the Hungry to raise awareness and funds for important causes. They believe in using their platform to make a positive impact and share the love of Christ with others. In recent years, Citizen Way has continued to tour and perform at various events and festivals across the country. They have shared the stage with artists like TobyMac, For King & Country, and Newsboys, further solidifying their place in the Christian music scene. As they continue their musical journey, Citizen Way remains committed to creating music that inspires and encourages listeners. Their passion for sharing their faith and making a difference shines through in every song they release. With their catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics, Citizen Way is sure to continue making a significant impact on the Christian music industry for years to come.
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