Covenant Worship is a contemporary Christian worship band known for their passionate and heartfelt music. The band was formed in Dallas, Texas in 2004 and has since gained a strong following around the world. Led by David and Nicole Binion, Covenant Worship has released several albums and has won numerous awards for their music. David Binion was born on November 21, 1971, in Houston, Texas. He grew up in a musical family and developed a love for music at a young age. He began playing the piano and singing in church and eventually went on to study music at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Nicole Binion was born on January 22, 1975, in Lansing, Michigan. She also grew up in a musical family and began singing at a young age. She attended Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee, where she studied music and met David. The couple got married in 1996 and began leading worship together at Covenant Church in Dallas, Texas. They quickly gained a reputation for their passionate and authentic worship, and in 2004, they formed Covenant Worship with a group of talented musicians and singers from their church. Covenant Worship released their debut album, "Take Heart," in 2007. The album received positive reviews and showcased the band's unique sound, which blended elements of rock, pop, and gospel. The album featured songs like "Risen," "The Blood," and "Take Heart," which became fan favorites and are still sung in churches around the world today. In 2010, Covenant Worship released their second album, "Kingdom." The album was critically acclaimed and reached number 12 on the Billboard Christian Albums chart. It featured powerful songs like "Kingdom Come," "Kingdom," and "All Things," which became anthems for believers seeking God's kingdom on earth. The band continued to release more albums over the years, including "Standing" in 2013 and "Sand and Stars" in 2017. These albums further established Covenant Worship as a force to be reckoned with in the worship music scene, with their powerful lyrics and dynamic musical arrangements. Covenant Worship has been recognized for their contribution to Christian music through various awards and nominations. They have been nominated for several Dove Awards, including Worship Song of the Year for their song "Kingdom Come" in 2011. They have also won multiple Covenant Awards in Canada for their albums and songs. In addition to their studio albums, Covenant Worship has also released several live worship albums, showcasing their energetic and engaging performances. These albums, such as "Take Heart Live" and "Kingdom Live," capture the essence of what makes Covenant Worship so special – their ability to lead people into a genuine encounter with God through worship. Covenant Worship has also been involved in various events and conferences, where they have led worship and shared their music with thousands of people. They have been featured at conferences like Hillsong Conference and Worship Together, where they have had the opportunity to collaborate with other worship leaders and musicians. One of the significant events in their career was when they recorded their album "Heaven on Earth" live at Covenant Church in Dallas, Texas. The album was released in 2009 and features powerful songs like "Heaven on Earth," "Standing," and "We Will See." The album captures the heart of Covenant Worship's ministry – to see the reality of heaven invade the earth through worship. Covenant Worship's music is characterized by its passionate and authentic approach to worship. Their songs are filled with heartfelt lyrics that express a deep love for God and a desire to see His kingdom come. Their music has resonated with believers around the world, and their songs have become staples in churches of all denominations. In conclusion, Covenant Worship is a contemporary Christian worship band led by David and Nicole Binion. With their passionate and authentic approach to worship, they have gained a strong following and have released several albums that have impacted the Christian music scene. Their music has won awards and has been sung in churches around the world. Covenant Worship's desire is to see the reality of heaven invade the earth through worship, and their music reflects that passion. They continue to lead worship, record albums, and impact lives with their powerful and anointed music.
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