Crosscut Collective is a collaborative music project among Christian songwriters and musicians from around the world. We’re a ministry dedicated to supporting independent artists in telling more stories and testimonies through music. Crosscut Collective was founded in the United Kingdom by Methven Forbes (known as Mev). He is a storytelling songwriter who had a desire to see artistic collaboration between Christian musicians from around the world. That vision began to take shape when Mev took his very personal songs — many that echoed his faith-journey through significant challenges at different times in his life — and produced his first EP with a producer in London. Within one year, through God’s guidance and provision along with Mev’s willingness to take a leap of faith, Crosscut Collective was born and began taking on a life of its own. From learning to play guitar and writing songs as a young boy to leading worship and working as a music director as a young adult, Mev has always viewed music as an essential part of his vibrant prayer life and faith-journey. He never embarked upon professional music training but instead took his desire to honor God through music and created Crosscut Collective. Crosscut Collective is motivated by the reality that, like Mev, there are artists and musicians passionate about honoring God through music who do not have connections or professional training. The coming together of like-minded artists is what will organically grow Crosscut Collective into an influential ministry, inspiring listeners around the world. Crosscut Collective is for both the passionate Christ-follower — who is eager to gain inspiration through music — and the passionate artist — who knows creating music is what they are wired for but doesn’t have a platform to share their gift. Founded on Christian principles, the ministry empowers people to pursue their dreams through encouraging music and testimony. A value of Crosscut Collective is to reinvest any income received through its activities into the ministry to support independent artists in telling more stories and testimonies through music.
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