Four years ago, God sent me a love letter in a black envelope The love of my life and I parted ways I descended into the valley of sorrows I was devastated and could not sleep In the darkness of the early mornings I prayed for understanding I was reminded that “I am your God” “Put your trust in Me” “You are my child, a member of My royal family” “I am always present, My love is eternal” “Look up and Come to Me” “You were born into a world with mankind’s sin Human to experience the temptations of the world Position, possessions and the beauty of a young girl With the pride and ego of an older man” I realized my sin I put God’s creations above the Creator Slowly I began to understand and be transformed Into His likeness, His character, His perspective I needed to crucify and bury my earthly desires Place God first above all things of the world Put my hope and faith in His hands It was like I was resurrected from the earth To be a disciple and servant for His Kingdom Prayer raised me out of the darkness of the valley And ascended me to His mountain top Where God showed me His plan for my life He allowed me to see the world with His eyes He changed my earthly ambitions to Heavenly ambitions All my plans, labors, worries, fears, cares and sorrows Fell into His heavenly perspective I began to see things as they appear in God’s eyes Through His grace, I was free from my sins and sorrows Freed from being controlled by earthly possessions and people I realized that only my soul will ascend to heaven My tears of sorrow became tears of joy The battle was won by my God “My cup runneth over” with His Love Joy came from a sincere fellowship with My Savior May I always dwell in His Light and live up to His blessings Even those in a black envelope, to serve the Lord
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