Eko Dydda is a Kenyan gospel musician who sings gospel in the hip hop style. His official name is Eko Dydda. The singer dropped his tribal birth names in 2009 during post-election violence is his efforts to fight tribalism. Dydda also decided to give his sons names that are not affiliated to tribal ties. Eko’s real age is not in the public domain, however we are researching to update it as soon as possible.The award-winning singer was brought and grew up in Nairobi’s Eastlands in a staunch Christian upbringing. Her parents had lived in Mathare with him before moving to Mathare north where he was raised. He comes from a family of four children that is two other brothers and one sister. His father used to be a carpenter and the mother used to sell vegetables. Eko Dydda gave his life to Christ while in class four. Due to tough life, Dydda used to work as a garbage collector and also would perform songs to people and get paid the money that he used to pay school fees. Eko Dydda Went to Riverside academy in Kariobangi for his primary education. He then joined East Leigh high school where he at one point dropped school in form three for two years due to lack of school fees. A well-wisher who was a teacher in Riverside Girls’ High school decided to sponsor his education and admitted him to the girl’s school. The high school had just changed from a mixed school to an only girls’ school. As the only boy in the school, he at first found life hard but later he adjusted to it and was used to it After he completed his high school education at Riverside Girls’ High school, he never joined college. He decided to venture into music career as he believed that is what God chose him to do. The singer used to love football but he discovered music while he was in form three. Before discovering music, he had never written any song or rhythm. He followed his interest in music and started to perform in Eastleigh. After high school, Dydda’s friends introduced him to Holy Dave whom they collaborated in 2007 and came up with a song Niko na Reason. The song became a hit song and brought Eko Dydda to limelight. The singer was engaged to a beautiful wife known as Cynthia Ayugi also known as Galia back in the year 2009. Together, they brought forth two sons; Wisdom Dydda popularly known as AmBlessed and Favour Dydda popularly known as KeepItReal. His elder son Wisdom is 8 years old while Favour is 6 years old. His sons are gospel musicians too and have done collaborations with renowned gospel musicians too. Galia and Eko Dydda decided to home-school their children because they wanted to be present in their kids’ lives and they did not want other people to raise their kids. Eko Dydda Songs A 4 Apple Ako Na Form Amen (2018) Apana Tambua Ukabila (2016) Baba Yuko Beautiful People Bow (2017) Checki Vile (2017) Dad An Yours Ghetto Habari Gani Holy Ghost Fire (2020) Life In Abundance Lion Of Judah Reigns (2016) Love Gone Bananas (2014) Nina One (2016) No Stopping U Ooooh Yah (2019) Psalms 23 Sir (2014) Staight Outta Straight Outta (2016) Tawala (2020) To God Be The Glory Top To Di Top Vampire Vidole Yuhai
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