Evelyn Wanjiru Agundabwen (born 6 May 1989) is a Kenyan gospel singer, worship leader, music director, songwriter and co founder of Bwenieve production. She is best known for her hit songs "Mungu Mkuu," "Waweza," "Hossana," "Nikufahamu" and "Tulia."

Life and career

Evelyn Wanjiru started her music career at the age of 9 years, as a child, she sang in a local church and school music festivals. She is the fourth-born of Helen Muhonja and Crispin Kinyua in a family of five.Born in Nairobi 1989 She was brought up in the Nakuru Kenya Freehold Estate, where she attended Saint Mary’s Girls Primary and Langalanga Secondary. In her early education, she was deeply involved in drama and the school choir, presaging her later success. She later joined Tears Group, Nakuru, for a course in music before further benefiting from the government of Kenya at the 2010 Talent Academy at Kabarak University Nakuru. After early successes in church and school festivals, commercial success came her way when music producer Agundabweni Akweyu noted her talent. Together they started Bwenieve Productions, a music recording studio. She recorded her first album "Mazingira," which was later re-branded as "Waweza." This album resulted in increased public awareness and accolades, most notably for her songs "Waweza" and "Hossana." “Waweza” was nominated as Worship Song and Wanjiru as New Artist of the Year for the 2012 Groove Awards. The song "Mazingira" was also selected as the theme song of the Kenyan government's campaign to reclaim Mau Forest in 2010. During the launch of this reforestation project in eastern Mau, the incumbent Prime Minister of Kenya was notably impressed by the song, appointing Wanjiru as the official music ambassador for Mau Forest. Under the auspices of this appointment, Wanjiru began the “Mazingira Bora Afya Bora" campaign for the promotion of good health and a healthy environment. Title song of her second album "Mungu Mkuu" , won the 2015 Groove Awards Album of the Year.The hit song Mungu Mkuu saw Evelyn rise to a higher level of musical stardom, since then she has been consistently releasing songs that are well received across nations. From her third album titled "Matendo" the song "Tulia" a collaboration with Vick Kitonga Won 2016 groove awards collaboration of the year, "Nikufahamu" from the same album was nominated for Afrima in the category 'inspiration African female artist of the year 2016' .She won 2016 Xtreem awards worship song of the year.Sauti Awards U.S.A 2016 nominated her for East Africa female artist of the year. In 2017 Evelyn had two groove awards nominations; female artist and "Matendo" as album of the year, she was also nominated for Sauti Awards U.S.A 2017 female artist of the year and Video of the year (Matendo). Evelyn has toured different countries like Tanzania, South Sudan,Uganda and toured over ten different states in the U.S.A for ministry.she has shared same platforms in ministry alongside renown singers like Sinach, Mary Mary and many more.She has done a collaboration titled "Sawa" with one of the finest Zimbabwen gospel musician known as Tembalami the song that is doing very well with a lot of airplay. On April 7, 2012, Wanjiru got married to Producer Agundabweni Akweyu at Buruburu Baptist Church Nairobi, where her father in-law, Rev. Kenneth Akweyu, serves as a senior pastor.She runs a fashion house named bwenieve clothesline , a mentorship program that has raise more uprising musicians, together with her husband producer Agundabweni Akweyu they run Bwenieve Production and other businesses.



Complete Albums by Evelyn WanjiruSongs: Waweza Album (2012) Waweza Unatosha Hossana Anthem Namlauduon Mazingira Mungu Mkuu Album (2015) Mungu Mkuu Utukufu Yaweh Tunakuabudu Ila damu yake yesu Karibu Yesu Nimwamini Damu All Glory Neno Moja Damu Medly Matendo Album (2017)' Nikufahamu Baba Inuka Tulia tf Vicky Matendo Halleluya Sema Nami Sawa ft Tembalami Nilingoze Subiri ft Mercy Masika & Emmy Kosgei


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