In September of 2016 Heartcry of David gathered a team of anointed worship artists and musicians - a collaboration of spirit-filled Jews & Gentiles - and embarked on a journey to Israel with the focus of recording a worship album together live, over the course of one week. The album, which released in May of 2017, is a vehicle to carry God’s heart cry for unity to the greater body of Messiah. Our vision is that our projects will exemplify the One New Man unity in a worship context, as a foretaste of what the Lord wants to do across the world before He returns. Prophetic worship is at the heart of our projects. For us, this type of worship is about cultivating an atmosphere of encounter where we can hear and express what God is saying in that moment. It opens us to receive and carry out the heart of God. Warfare happens in the place of worship as well, chains are broken and hearts are tenderized making them receptive to truth.
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