Jesus Image is a contemporary Christian worship band that was formed in 2009. Led by the dynamic and passionate worship leader Michael Koulianos, Jesus Image has become known for their powerful worship music and their commitment to spreading the message of Jesus Christ. With a blend of modern worship and traditional hymns, Jesus Image has captivated audiences around the world with their heartfelt and anointed songs. Jesus Image was birthed out of a desire to see a revival in the hearts of believers and to bring the message of Jesus to the lost and hurting. Michael Koulianos, the founder of Jesus Image, has a personal testimony of encountering the love and power of Jesus that has transformed his life. He has a deep passion to see others experience this same life-changing encounter with Jesus. The band's first album, "Jesus People", was released in 2012 and quickly gained popularity among worship music enthusiasts. The album features a collection of original songs written by Michael Koulianos and the Jesus Image team, as well as powerful renditions of traditional hymns. The album is a beautiful expression of worship and a declaration of the love and power of Jesus. Since the release of their first album, Jesus Image has gone on to release several more albums, including "Awakened to Love" in 2014, "Unveil" in 2016, and "Lion of Judah" in 2018. Each album is filled with songs that inspire and uplift, drawing listeners into a deeper relationship with Jesus. The music is characterized by passionate vocals, powerful lyrics, and a strong emphasis on the presence of God. In addition to their studio albums, Jesus Image has also released several live worship albums, capturing the energy and passion of their live worship events. These albums, including "Encounter Live" and "Living Room Sessions", showcase the band's ability to create a worship experience that is both intimate and powerful. Jesus Image has been recognized for their musical talent and their impact on the Christian music scene. They have received several awards, including the GMA Dove Award for Worship Album of the Year in 2017. The band has also been invited to perform at various Christian music festivals and events, sharing the stage with well-known artists such as Hillsong Worship and Jesus Culture. One of the highlights of Jesus Image's ministry is their annual conference, Jesus '19. This conference brings together worship leaders, pastors, and believers from around the world for a time of worship, teaching, and impartation. Through powerful worship sessions, inspiring messages, and times of ministry, attendees are encouraged to encounter Jesus in a fresh and transformative way. In addition to their music ministry, Jesus Image also operates Jesus Image Church in Orlando, Florida. The church is a vibrant and diverse community of believers who are passionate about encountering God and sharing His love with others. The church offers weekly services, small groups, and various outreach ministries to serve the local community. The impact of Jesus Image extends far beyond their music and church ministry. Through their online platform, Jesus Image TV, the band reaches millions of people around the world with their worship music, teaching, and testimonies. The website features live worship sessions, conferences, and other resources to help believers grow in their faith and encounter Jesus. In conclusion, Jesus Image is a powerful force in the contemporary Christian music scene. Led by the anointed worship leader Michael Koulianos, the band is known for their passionate worship and their commitment to spreading the message of Jesus. With their powerful albums, impactful live worship events, and thriving church community, Jesus Image continues to inspire and transform lives all around the world.
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