Oh, hi. I'm John Mark. I live in my hometown Lynchburg, Virginia. I grew up here. Also: I am a big goofy white boy. But for real: I was immersed in Christian things my whole childhood. Super-struggled with it. After a two-year drug stint, I finally encountered the Holy Spirit in my car at the age of 24. God became "Pops". And that changed pretty much all the things. Danced on my couch a lot. I started writing Jesus music in my room a couple of years later. And, here we are. Random facts about me: I wrote a book, "Love Secrets", that you should read. I am 6 foot 5. I want to live on a regenerative farm + I read food labels, as I have become a raging crunchy-granola. I will still eat 30 nugs at Chik-Fil-A though. My website is V neat. If you check it out, you'll find a longer version of my life story, chord charts to my songs, all my merch including a vinyl record of Love Secrets, the book I wrote with some sample chapters, and other things. http://johnmarkpantana.com
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