JPCC Worship, also known as True Worshippers Global Project Indonesia, is a Christian worship band based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Formed in 1999, JPCC Worship has become one of the most influential worship movements in Indonesia, known for their powerful and anointed worship songs. JPCC Worship was birthed out of Jakarta Praise Community Church (JPCC), a vibrant and growing church in Jakarta. The band consists of a talented group of musicians, singers, and songwriters who are passionate about leading people into the presence of God through worship. The group's discography includes several albums that have touched the hearts of many believers around the world. One of their most notable albums is "True Worshippers Global Project Indonesia," released in 2018. This album features a collection of powerful worship songs that reflect the heart of the Indonesian worship movement. With tracks like "Brighter," "Bejana-Mu," and "God Is Our Victory," the album quickly became a favorite among worshipers. JPCC Worship's music is characterized by its heartfelt lyrics, powerful melodies, and anointed worship. Their songs are known for their ability to lead people into a deep and intimate encounter with God. Many of their songs have become anthems in churches across Indonesia and beyond. In addition to their albums, JPCC Worship has also released numerous singles that have made a significant impact in the worship scene. Some of their popular singles include "One," "Harapanku," "Kuasa DarahMu," and "Tiada SepertiMu." The band has received several awards and nominations for their music. In 2016, they won the GMA Dove Award for "Spanish Language Recorded Song of the Year" for their song "Eres Mi Paz." This recognition further solidified their position as one of the leading worship bands in the Christian music industry. JPCC Worship is not only known for their recorded music but also for their live worship events. They have held numerous concerts and worship nights in various cities across Indonesia, drawing thousands of worshipers who are hungry for God's presence. These events are filled with powerful moments of worship, where people encounter the love and power of God. One of the highlights of JPCC Worship's ministry is their commitment to writing and singing songs in multiple languages. They believe that worship is a universal language that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers. By recording songs in different languages, they aim to reach a wider audience and connect with believers from different parts of the world. JPCC Worship's music has had a profound impact on the Christian community in Indonesia and beyond. Their songs have inspired countless individuals to draw closer to God and experience His presence in a deeper way. They have also played a significant role in shaping the worship culture in Indonesia, encouraging a generation of worshipers to passionately pursue God through worship. As JPCC Worship continues to release new music and lead worship gatherings, their impact is expected to grow even further. Their commitment to creating authentic and anointed worship experiences has positioned them as a leading voice in the global worship movement. With their powerful songs and heartfelt worship, JPCC Worship is helping people encounter God and experience His love and power in a profound way. In conclusion, JPCC Worship is a worship band that has made a significant impact in the Christian music industry. With their heartfelt lyrics, powerful melodies, and anointed worship, they have touched the hearts of many believers around the world. Through their recorded music, live events, and commitment to worship in multiple languages, they continue to inspire and lead people into a deep and intimate encounter with God. JPCC Worship is a true testament to the power of worship and its ability to transform lives.
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