Kaki was a member of Adawnage Band in which together they have performed several Gospel and inspirational songs. Since 2020 she decided to pursue a solo career in the states. In an interview with the daily nation, Kaki has had a long and rough life: Mwihaki reveals what was remaining was to bid the world “adios” through whatever means available. Even asking her creator to take her life. “You know, there is pain only God can heal. I experienced it. A pain that almost had me committing suicide, a pain that suffocated all reasoning and caused me to be numb; physically, emotionally and spiritually numb” she reveals. She tells her painful journey thus; “I sunk into depression and battled my lowest ever! I came face to face with rock bottom and it was my dwelling place. I had nothing to look forward to and being alive was nothing but pain. I prayed that he may take my life but, morning after morning, he kept me”. She says; “Worshipping God was my only way out-not jumping into a new relationship, not getting a drink at the bar, not going on a road trip, not forming new social circles, not getting ‘my sexy back’, not going on a revenge mission but a total surrendering of myself to God. The more I heard his word, the more I healed. The more my faith grew and little by little his restoration was all around me”. Source: https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/entertainment/features/2001279208/i-thought-of-committing-suicide-kaki-mwihaki-of-award-winning-adawnage-band
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