Karen Peck & New River is a powerhouse gospel group that has been making waves in the music industry for decades. Led by the incredible talent of Karen Peck, this group has captivated audiences with their soulful harmonies, heartfelt lyrics, and powerful performances. Karen Peck & New River traces its roots back to 1991 when Karen Peck Gooch, along with her husband Rickey Gooch and sister Susan Peck Jackson, formed the group. Since then, they have become one of the most recognized and beloved names in Southern Gospel music. Throughout their career, Karen Peck & New River has released numerous albums, showcasing their incredible vocal abilities and songwriting skills. One of their most acclaimed albums is "Unlimited," which was released in 1996. This album features a collection of uplifting and inspirational songs that have touched the hearts of listeners around the world. With standout tracks like "Four Days Late" and "Hold Me While I Cry," "Unlimited" solidified Karen Peck & New River as a force to be reckoned with in the gospel music industry. Over the years, Karen Peck & New River has garnered numerous awards and accolades for their exceptional talent and contribution to gospel music. They have been honored with multiple Dove Awards, including Southern Gospel Album of the Year and Southern Gospel Song of the Year. Additionally, they have achieved an impressive number of chart-topping hits, with 18 number one songs to their credit. One of their most recent accomplishments is their Grammy nomination for Best Roots Gospel Album. Their album "Lift His Name" received critical acclaim and recognition for its powerful message and beautiful musical arrangements. This nomination is a testament to the enduring impact and relevance of Karen Peck & New River's music. In addition to their studio recordings, Karen Peck & New River is known for their dynamic live performances. They have graced stages across the country, captivating audiences with their powerful vocals and infectious energy. Whether performing at large arenas or intimate church settings, Karen Peck & New River never fails to deliver an unforgettable experience. Fans of Karen Peck & New River can look forward to upcoming events and concerts where they can witness the group's incredible talent firsthand. For example, they will be performing at the A Night of Gospel event in 2023, alongside renowned artist Jason Crabb. This promises to be a night filled with soul-stirring music and uplifting messages, as these artists come together to celebrate the power of gospel music. The impact of Karen Peck & New River's music extends far beyond the stage. Their songs have become anthems of hope and encouragement for listeners around the world. Whether facing personal struggles or celebrating life's victories, their music offers solace and inspiration. In conclusion, Karen Peck & New River is a gospel group that has left an indelible mark on the music industry. With their heartfelt lyrics, soulful harmonies, and powerful performances, they have touched the lives of countless listeners. From their chart-topping hits to their Grammy nomination, their achievements are a testament to their exceptional talent and unwavering dedication to spreading the message of hope and faith. As they continue to create music and perform, Karen Peck & New River will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy in the world of gospel music.
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