Kingdomcity is a non-denominational, multi-site Christian church in multiple locations around the world. Originally based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, before it expanded to Perth in Western Australia, Kingdomcity now also has locations in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and many other nations in Asia. Founded by senior leader, Mark Varughese, to “connect, equip and empower people to bring the reality of God to their world,” Kingdomcity sets a significant emphasis on relational connection, spiritual hunger, and the daily empowerment of each believer. It has a large presence in Perth, Western Australia, and is a member of the Australian Christian Churches (also known as ACC, the Australian branch of the Assemblies of God).


In 2006, Mark Varughese had a profound “burning-bush experience” which led to his move from Perth, Western Australia to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to plant a church. After two and a half years in Malaysia, he received an invitation to return to Perth to pastor another church concurrently. This move led to the birth of ‘Kingdomcity’ – with both congregations unified under one name. This was a declaration of their mandate, and a representation of the responsibility of every believer, to bring God’s Kingdom to every city.


Senior Leaders

Mark Varughese and Jemima Varughese are the Senior leaders of Kingdomcity, with two young sons, Zeke and Caleb.Together, “Pastors Mark and Jemima embody the global force Kingdomcity has become through their humility, purity of heart, unbridled passion, and contagious faith... transcending culture, geographical boundaries, and socio-economic environments”, as esteemed by Dominic Russo, founder of Missions.Me and 1Nation1Day.


With a growing team of pastors and strategic leaders in multiple nations, Kingdomcity is quickly expanding into a global movement. The “family atmosphere” between the team globally continues to be a hallmark of Kingdomcity, as the church continues to grow in both first-world and developing countries.

Senior Leaders

In 2021, Mark Varughese published a book titled ‘Ready, Fire! Aim: The Outrageous Adventure of Saying 'Yes' to God’ - detailing the Kingdomcity story and encouraging believers to step out into their own God-given destiny.


As of 2021, Kingdomcity operates in 27 locations across 13 countries and is a growing global community of over 35,000 people, within just fifteen years.


2006 - Kuala Lumpur 2009 - Perth 2014 - Cambodia 2015 - Singapore 2016 - Botswana 2017 - Dubai 2018 - London 2019 - Indonesia (Bali and Surabaya), Zambia, Sri Lanka 2020 - Online Campus; South Africa (Johannesburg), India 2021 - New Zealand (Auckland)


The core values of Kingdomcity are what they call ‘Atmospheres’. These 10 atmospheres aim to guide each person's disposition towards God, one another, and the wider community. Accepting of all people Relevant to our city Authentic in our lifestyle Prayerful as our priority Hungry for God above all Faith-filled for the miraculous Honouring as our culture Encouraging in our speech Generous with our lives Reaching our world


Kingdomcity produces contemporary Christian praise and worship. Kingdomcity recorded their first original album in 2020 and has since released three albums: ‘Hope’, ‘Place of Worship’ and ‘In God We Trust’. Kingdomcity Music can be streamed from Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and Amazon Music.


Kingdomcity Kids

As a church, Kingdomcity believes that every child is valuable and that God desires to have a personal relationship with them. Through Kingdomcity Kids, children enjoy a great environment as they get to know God, and many often play a part as volunteers (also called ‘Kids Impactors’) running the service. Full kids services run alongside all adult services, both in-person and online.Kingdomcity Kids has a growing presence on YouTube, Yipee TV, Facebook and Instagram.The kids' ministry has produced music, written and recorded by children who are part of the programme. Songs such as “My G.O.D.”, “Saviour of the World” and “You Are Good” - have each brought in over 10,000 plays on a popular music-streaming platform, Spotify. In the past two years, they also have released two EPs: ’You Are Our Father’ and ’Born to Honour’.Kingdomcity Kids curriculum has also been used widely in schools across Australia and Asia.

Kingdomcity Youth

Kingdomcity Youth is the youth movement of Kingdomcity, with the mission of connecting, equipping and empowering teenagers to bring the reality of God to their world. The Kingdomcity Youth ministry consists of two groups called 'Saints' for ages 13-17 and 'Warriors' for ages 10-12. It is a space for teenagers to encounter Jesus and be discipled, all while having fun and building encouraging, Godly relationships. Kingdomcity Youth has a growing presence on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Kingdomcity Greenhouse

Kingdomcity Greenhouse is a two-year programme for all ages to experience an acceleration of spiritual growth through discipleship, leadership, and practical ministry training. Previously known as “Kingdomcity Leadership Academy”, the rebranding to ‘Greenhouse’ symbolises a deliberately constructed environment and intentionally created atmosphere, in which life can thrive despite any external extremes.

· 1st Year – Potter's Hand

The first year of Greenhouse is aimed at investing in each individual’s discipleship journey. The programme has been designed to take a holistic approach of equipping; through training, relational engagement with others, God-encounters, and the experience of new environments.

· 2nd Year – Refiner's Fire

The second year of training is specifically designed to refine the ministry and leadership acumen of students. Building on the foundation of the first year, with four streams taught by experienced leaders, teachers and pastors, this is a year dedicated to raising leaders who are trained, equipped, and ready to be sent to the nations.

Kingdomcity Greenroom

Greenroom is an online, subscription-based video platform, featuring exclusive Kingdomcity content, launched in 2020. With hundreds of high-quality, Bible-based videos, courses, and resources. Including tailor-made kid’s content, exclusive leadership resources, behind-the-scenes training and world-renowned speakers and leaders.The Greenroom platform features eight rooms of exclusive content, with over a hundred video courses and sermons recorded from global events. Library Pastors Roundtable Encounter Room Leaders Lounge Beautiful Corner Kids Backyard Guest Room The Kitchen

COVID-19 pandemic

In 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic, Kingdomcity saw dramatic growth in church numbers amidst the tragedy happening in the world. Over just one weekend, all Kingdomcity services were shifted online. This sparked the birth of the Kingdomcity Media studio. Since then, hundreds of services, prayer nights, worship sessions and more have been live-streamed worldwide.

Media Coverage

Mark Varughese, Jemima Varughese, the Kingdomcity team and their various ministries have been featured on television, radio, news, and online platforms; including the Hillsong Channel, Planetshakers Podcast, The Art of Success Podcast with Daniel Budzinski, Asian Beacon, Yipee TV, and more.

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