Kutless is a Christian rock band that originated in Portland, Oregon in 1999. The band has gained a significant following in the Christian music scene and has released numerous albums and hit songs throughout their career. Comprised of Jon Micah Sumrall (lead vocals), James Mead (guitar), Dave Luetkenhoelter (bass), and Jeff Gilbert (drums), Kutless has become known for their powerful lyrics and energetic live performances. The band's journey began when Jon Micah Sumrall and guitarist Ryan Shrout met at Warner Pacific College in Portland. They soon recruited James Mead and Dave Luetkenhoelter to join the band, and in 2000, they released their self-titled debut album, "Kutless". The album received positive reviews and helped establish Kutless as a force to be reckoned with in the Christian rock genre. Following the success of their debut album, Kutless went on to release several more albums over the years. In 2002, they released "Sea of Faces", which featured the hit single "Run". The album was well-received and earned the band a Dove Award nomination for Rock Album of the Year. Their third album, "Strong Tower", was released in 2005 and featured a collection of worship songs, including the title track, which became a chart-topping hit. Kutless continued to release albums that showcased their unique blend of rock and worship music. In 2006, they released "Hearts of the Innocent", which featured the hit single "Shut Me Out". The album received critical acclaim and earned the band another Dove Award nomination for Rock Album of the Year. They followed this up with "To Know That You're Alive" in 2008, which featured the singles "The Feeling" and "What Faith Can Do". The latter became one of their most successful songs to date, reaching the top of the Christian rock charts. Over the years, Kutless has released several more albums, including "It Is Well" (2009), "Believer" (2012), and "Glory" (2014). "Glory" marked a return to their rock roots and featured the hit singles "You Alone" and "Rest". The album received positive reviews and further solidified the band's status as one of the leading acts in Christian rock. In addition to their successful albums, Kutless has also been recognized with numerous awards and nominations. They have received multiple Dove Award nominations for categories such as Rock Song of the Year, Rock Album of the Year, and Worship Song of the Year. They have also been nominated for a Billboard Music Award for Top Christian Album. Aside from their studio albums, Kutless is also known for their engaging live performances. They have toured extensively throughout the United States and internationally, sharing their music and message with fans around the world. Their energetic shows and passionate performances have earned them a dedicated fan base and have helped them connect with audiences on a deeper level. In recent years, Kutless has continued to release new music and tour regularly. They released their latest album, "Alpha/Omega", in 2017, which featured a collection of worship songs with a contemporary rock sound. The album received positive reviews and further solidified Kutless as a leading force in Christian music. Overall, Kutless is a band that has made a significant impact in the Christian rock genre. With their powerful lyrics, energetic performances, and a unique blend of rock and worship music, they have garnered a dedicated following and have earned recognition within the industry. As they continue to create music and connect with fans, Kutless remains a driving force in the world of Christian music.
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