Lady bee is a kenyan artist. started singing early 90s with tha jamborebels band.In 2000 she left 2 dubai n joined bilenge musica where in 2007 she did her fast album Zamu yangu which had songs like Nakupenda a swahili word which means i love you, Lady bee, We Are One etc.She come back home in 2007 after tha album n joined Pro habo music label,from then she has done Hits songs like Chali wa mtaani,Sema nami,kumbuka,Genge love which she was featured by tha godfather of genge Nonini..she now has a new single Mrembo which is one of her songs in her upcoming album Sitokwemda which is expectd to be out by 2011. She has been through a road of poverty, drug addiction, chang’aa vending and all sorts of evil, but she is now a transformed creature. Bernice Nduku, popularly known as Lady Bee, was on a journey of self-destruction before she realised that there is more to life than worldly pleasure. The musician who released a number of secular tracks with her cousin Nonini, now boasts of a reformed life, a life of service to God. Some of her songs bordered on raunchy and controversial lyrics.
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