Living Hope International Ministries Our Vision To bring shelter, care, and hope, founded on the Word of God, to orphaned children of Africa. Our Goal Our goal is to provide a home for as many children as possible, teaching them spiritually and mentally so that when they leave the home they will be ready to fit into the African society. Also, so the children will be able to become leaders and help their fellow countrymen to a better life. Perhaps most important is that they will be taught about Jesus Christ and then they can lead many lost souls to salvation. The first Hope Centre is located in Migori, God-Jobe, Oyuma area. This will be the first of many throughout Africa. Plans for the Home include four dormitories, (two for boys and two for girls), a kitchen, dining hall, a chapel, a school, one guesthouse and one staff home. There is also a plan for a medical clinic to treat the children at the home but also open it up to the people of the village. The desire is to serve the residents of this area with health care, health information and spiritual leadership. They require not only basic education that comes from schooling but education about health, hygiene, AIDS and work skills as well. Plans are also to have animals at the home for food and also to teach the children how to take care of animals. The same is true of a garden for food and teaching, carpentry shop for repairs, upkeep and teaching, sewing machines for clothes and teaching, as well as bread ovens for food and teaching. The desire is to have enough to support the home but also enough to sell to the community. Our hope is to make each Hope Centre self-sufficient but until that day we need your prayers and support to furnish Bibles, cloth the children, furnish school supplies, food, bedding, towels and personal items for each child.
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