"More Worship" Date of Birth: Not applicable Background Information: "More Worship" is a concept that has been gaining attention and discussion in the realm of Christian music. It revolves around the idea of creating and promoting worship songs that focus on the holiness of God and deepening one's relationship with Him. This movement aims to encourage believers to seek a deeper level of worship and to draw closer to God through music. Discography: The "More Worship" movement does not have a specific discography as it is more of a concept or approach to worship music. However, there are numerous artists and bands who have embraced this idea and released albums that align with the principles of "More Worship." Albums: 1. "Holy God" by Matt Redman - This album features soul-stirring worship songs centered on the holiness of God. With tracks like "Holy God" and "Worthy of All Praise," Redman encourages believers to worship God wholeheartedly and to recognize His holiness. 2. "The Majesty of God" by Hillsong Worship - This album explores the majesty and holiness of God through powerful anthems such as "Majesty" and "Holy, Holy, Holy." Hillsong Worship invites listeners to join in exalting God and acknowledging His greatness. 3. "In Awe" by Michael W. Smith - In this album, Michael W. Smith delves into the awe-inspiring nature of God. Songs like "Sovereign Over Us" and "Great Is the Lord" invite believers to worship God in awe and reverence. Songs: 1. "Holy Holy Holy" - This classic hymn, sung by countless worship leaders and congregations, declares the holiness of God and invites worshippers to join in praising Him. 2. "Revelation Song" - Penned by Jennie Lee Riddle, this powerful song has become a staple in many worship services. It emphasizes the holiness and worthiness of God, inviting listeners to worship Him with all their hearts. 3. "How Great Thou Art" - This timeless hymn, popularized by various artists, including Carrie Underwood, highlights the greatness and holiness of God. It calls believers to worship Him for His majestic nature. Awards: While there are no specific awards associated with the "More Worship" movement, many of the artists and songs mentioned have received recognition in the Christian music industry. Matt Redman, Hillsong Worship, and Michael W. Smith have all received numerous awards for their contributions to worship music. Events: Various conferences and worship gatherings have embraced the concept of "More Worship" and have incorporated it into their programming. These events provide a platform for worship leaders, artists, and believers to come together and engage in worship that focuses on the holiness of God. One notable event is the Passion Conference, where thousands of young adults gather annually to worship and seek God. The "More Worship" movement has sparked conversations and discussions within the Christian music community. Artists and worship leaders have been inspired to create songs that highlight the holiness of God and encourage believers to pursue a deeper level of worship. This movement recognizes the need for a shift in focus from self-centered worship to a God-centered worship experience. By acknowledging the holiness of God and seeking to understand His character, believers are drawn into a deeper relationship with Him. The "More Worship" movement aims to inspire and challenge believers to worship God with reverence, awe, and a desire to know Him more intimately. Sources: - "Worsidoomsday Outlaw: Suffer More" (https://www.worshipmetal.com/reviews/worsidoomsday-outlaw-suffer-more/) - "Matt Redman: We Need More Worship Songs About the Holiness of God" (https://www.premierchristianity.com/home/matt-redman-we-need-more-worship-songs-about-the-holiness-of-god/3988.article) - "Interview: Orange Goblin’s Martyn Millard Ranks His Own Albums & More" (https://www.worshipmetal.com/features/interview-orange-goblins-martyn-millard-ranks-his-own-albums-more/) - "How Michael Reeves Helped Me Love God More" (https://worshipmatters.com/2015/04/01/how-michael-reeves-helped-me-love-god-more/) - "Women Working as Hairdresser, Barber More Prone to Ovarian Cancer" (https://www.news9live.com/health/health-conditions/women-working-as-hairdresser-barber-more-prone-to-ovarian-cancer-2208900)
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