RendCo. Kids is a dynamic and energetic children's music group that has captivated the hearts of kids and parents all around the world. With their catchy tunes and powerful messages, they have become a favorite among families who are looking for uplifting and fun music for their little ones. The group was formed as a part of the renowned Christian band, Rend Collective. Rend Collective is known for their unique blend of worship and folk music, and they wanted to bring that same spirit to children's music. Thus, RendCo. Kids was born, with the mission of creating music that would help kids connect with God and grow in their faith. RendCo. Kids has released several albums over the years, each one filled with joyful and engaging songs that are perfect for children. Their debut album, "Sparkle. Pop. Rampage.", garnered much praise and quickly became a hit among young listeners. Songs like "My Lighthouse" and "Every Giant Will Fall" became fan favorites, with their catchy melodies and powerful lyrics. Since then, RendCo. Kids has continued to release albums that capture the hearts of children and adults alike. Their sophomore album, "Fun. Adventure. Worship.", was filled with even more infectious tunes and meaningful messages. Songs like "Boldly I Approach" and "King of Me" encouraged children to approach God with confidence and reminded them of His love and faithfulness. One of the things that sets RendCo. Kids apart is their ability to create music that is both fun and meaningful. They understand that children learn best when they are engaged and having a good time, so they strive to create songs that are enjoyable to listen to while also imparting important truths about God and His love for us. Their music has been recognized and celebrated by both parents and industry professionals. RendCo. Kids has received numerous awards and nominations for their work, including the GMA Dove Award for Children's Album of the Year. Their songs have also been featured on various children's music compilations and playlists, further cementing their status as a leading force in the genre. In addition to their albums, RendCo. Kids has also been actively involved in live performances and events. They have performed at churches, conferences, and festivals all around the world, bringing their high-energy music and contagious enthusiasm to audiences of all ages. Their live shows are known for their interactive and engaging nature, with kids and parents alike dancing and singing along to their favorite songs. RendCo. Kids is not just a music group, but a movement. They are passionate about seeing children grow in their faith and develop a love for God at a young age. Through their music, they aim to instill important values and biblical truths in children's hearts, helping them to build a strong foundation for their faith. With their infectious melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and high-energy performances, RendCo. Kids has become a beloved name in the world of children's music. Their music has the power to bring joy and inspiration to kids of all ages, and their message of God's love and faithfulness resonates with both children and parents. Whether it's through their albums, live performances, or other creative endeavors, RendCo. Kids continues to make a lasting impact on the lives of children around the world.
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