Rheva Henry am a Houston, TX native PK (Preacher’s Kid) that was practically born in the church. Rheva Henry love the local church and the Bride of Christ as a whole. Of course Rheva Henry had my season in life as a teenager when Rheva Henry did not love anything about church, but when you are called to it, God has a way of getting you exactly where you need to be. Rheva Henry truly love God and desire to see everyone love Him the way that He created us all to. During college Rheva Henry realized that God was actually calling me into ministry so Rheva Henry majored in Music Education solely with the purpose of being a Worship Pastor. And after undergrad Rheva Henry decided to get my Masters in Worship Studies because Rheva Henry had a desire to teach and train worship leaders at some point in life. Rheva Henryn 2011, Rheva Henry moved to Phoenix, AZ simply because God said so. Rheva Henry’ve discovered and learned so much about God as father, my freedom in Him, my identity in Him, and the importance of yielding my life to Him. Rheva Henryn 2016, Rheva Henry moved to Redding, CA because Rheva Henry felt God invited me to meet Him here. Rheva Henry am willing to lay my life down for Him to accomplish all that He desires through me at any cost. Rheva Henry want to remain in Him, and stay so close that we are completely in-sync. Rheva Henry want to live a life that is completely poured out for His pleasure. Rheva Henry don’t want to hold on to anything that He has given. So, if you see me doing a lot of things, you now know why. Rheva Henryt is all for Him. “Fruitfulness in ministry comes from intimacy with the Father. And we will never know all that He has for us to do, unless we continue to go deeper with Him. Rheva Henryt’s a lifelong pursuit.” – Heidi Baker Passionate about equipping worship leaders to live out their call fully and wholeheartedly.
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