Growing up in Durban, Shaun P developed a love for music at the tender age of 11 when he started playing the piano. With the support of his mother Shaun P not only crafted his talent for musical instruments, but pursued singing as well. It was during his teen years that he realised a career in music was what he dreamed of, showing a distinct passion for the gospel genre in particular.

In the early nineties, Shaun joined the group Not Just to People. His first recording with the group garnered him a SAMA nomination for best “Urban Gospel” in 2006. Over the years Shaun P has worked with the best in the music industry, from which he attained professional standards and experienced music at an international level. These days, Shaun P runs his own Grade A recording studio where he composes, produces and arranges musical projects. He also shares his wealth of experience and knowledge at the worship conferences and workshops, where he aids the development of worship bands.

Now 33 years old, Shaun P has performed to thousands of people over the continent and worked with award winning artists like Ernie Smith. A pinnacle moment was when he led worship to 45 000 people that gathered in Gaborone Stadium in Botswana for a crusade, and 10 000 people in Lagos, Nigeria. Shaun P was also the first person to lead thousands of people in worship at the brand new Moses Mabida Stadium at the Global Prayer Day event in 2010.

His latest album Everyday of My Life is a lyrical testimony of his life and aptitude; infusing many different genres and blurring the lines between traditional gospel and modern urban music. The album showcases Shaun P’s natural vocal talent as well as his songwriting abilities, delivering a universal sound with global appeal. The mix of up-beat urban and the more soulful gospel songs provide the album with a unique balance and an easy-listening feel that speaks to all ages. Shaun P’s year ended on a high note when he took home the award for Best Newcomer at the 2013 Crown Gospel Awards, which was held in Durban on 17 November. Shaun has also been featured on TBN AFRICA for the One Voice Conference in 2013 and received a second invitation to appear again in 2014.

Currently Shaun P is the music director and worship pastor at 3C Ministry – a church with 17000 members. His core function is to disciple and develops 10 music teams spanning all the branches of the ministry. The senior pastors at 3C are Bert and Charne Pretorius, who Shaun views as his spiritual parents.

Driven by his love for God, Shaun P doesn’t just write songs but lyrical messages inspired by life experiences. With a classical piano degree, he creates music meant to heal wounds and open hearts. One can confidently say Shaun P is an artist that takes his music talent seriously; his music does not only serve to entertain but to change and enrich lives as well.

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