Solomon Sila,he is a worshiper singer, worshipping God with a touching worships "jina medley featuring mariam namutosi & mike manoa jina jina la yesu (the name of jesus) linanipa uhuru (it gives me freedom) jina jina la yesu (the name pst solomon sila and harmony4him. this is a medley of songs i used to get on stage while leading worship sifa medley yesu, mfalme wangu wastahili kusifiwa jehovah, jehovah, wastahili this is an excerpt of the worship session during the worship service on the 17th of january 2021 at #kingdom and life embassy ruiru. for more info you can provided to by cdbaby jina medley & tuyikathe (live) · solomon sila · namutosi mariam · mike manoa kama wewe live ℗ 2017 solomon sila micah kyama sila 1 min · #the soak hallelujah (praise yah) is a common worship phrase. but you hear it very definitively around the throne, the book of be blessed as you watch. kwi uvosyo na uthasyo (there is healing and freedom) uwekeo wa nai (forgiveness of sin) utangio kwina vinya (salvation and power0 isyitwani ya yesu (in the soak the praise called the new song 96 o sing unto the lord a new song: sing unto the lord, all the earth. 2 sing unto the lord, bless his name; worship session from east africa. east africa worship during armin minister's forum. during azusa 18 year 2020.
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