Jason "Sundance" Head (born July 9, 1978, from Porter, Texas) is an American country-soul singer and songwriter. He is the son of American singer Roy Head. In 2007, he was a semi-finalist on the sixth season of the Fox television series American Idol, but was eliminated one week before the finals. In 2016, he became the winner of season 11 of the US The Voice. He was part of Team Blake Shelton. His winning song is "Darlin' Don't Go".


American Idol

American Idol performances

Post-Idol career

In May 2007, his father reported that he signed a recording contract with Universal Music Group. In late July 2007, he released a duet with Sabrina Sloan, who was also a semi-finalist in Season 6 of American Idol.

The Voice

The Voice performances – Studio version of performance reached the top 10 on iTunes


Releases from The Voice


Competition singles


2016: "Darlin' Don't Go" 2017: "How I Want to Be" 2017: "Everything to Lose" Notes


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