The Sneed Family is a renowned Southern Gospel group that has been sharing their faith through music for over four decades. This talented family, consisting of Rick and LaBreeska Sneed and their daughter, Amy Marie, has captivated audiences with their heartfelt harmonies and powerful lyrics. With a deep-rooted passion for gospel music, the Sneed Family has become a beloved staple in the industry. Rick and LaBreeska Sneed, the founding members of the group, were both born and raised in East Tennessee. Rick was born on September 27, 1956, while LaBreeska was born on November 12, 1957. They met in high school and soon discovered a shared love for music. They married in 1976 and began their musical journey together. In 1982, Rick and LaBreeska formed the Sneed Family, initially as a trio with Rick's sister. However, it wasn't until their daughter, Amy Marie, joined the group in 1996 that they truly found their signature sound. Amy Marie was born on February 24, 1977, and from a young age, she showed immense talent and passion for music. The Sneed Family has released several albums throughout their career, each showcasing their unique blend of traditional Southern Gospel and contemporary Christian music. Some of their most notable albums include "The Sneed Family Christmas," "Victory," and "The Journey." Their discography is a testament to their dedication to spreading the Gospel through music and inspiring their listeners. One of the standout songs by the Sneed Family is "Beulah Land," a timeless classic that showcases their rich harmonies and heartfelt delivery. This song has become a fan favorite and is often requested at their live performances. Other notable songs by the group include "Gospel Train," "I Can't Even Walk," and "I'll Fly Away." The Sneed Family has achieved significant recognition and acclaim for their musical contributions. They have been nominated for numerous awards, including the Singing News Fan Awards and the Diamond Awards. Their talent and dedication have also earned them the opportunity to perform at prestigious events such as the National Quartet Convention and the Gospel Music Fan Awards. In addition to their music, the Sneed Family has also made headlines for their commitment to a healthy lifestyle. They have embraced a plant-based diet and even opened a vegan food truck called "The Sneed Family Veggie Conversions" in Richmond, Virginia. Their efforts to promote a healthier lifestyle have resonated with fans and garnered attention from media outlets, highlighting their desire to make a positive impact beyond their music. The Sneed Family continues to inspire and uplift audiences through their heartfelt performances and meaningful lyrics. Their unwavering faith and dedication to spreading the Gospel are evident in every song they sing. From their humble beginnings in East Tennessee to their current success, the Sneed Family's passion for gospel music has remained steadfast. As fans eagerly await new music and performances from the Sneed Family, their legacy in the Southern Gospel industry continues to grow. Their commitment to their faith, their music, and their fans sets them apart and ensures their place as one of the most beloved and respected groups in gospel music. The Sneed Family's journey is far from over, and their impact on the industry and the lives of their listeners is immeasurable.
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