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Thomas Campbell (poet) (1777–1844), Scottish poet Thomas Campbell (sculptor) (1790–1858), Scottish sculptor Thomas Campbell (visual artist) (born c. 1969), California-based visual artist Tom Campbell (radio personality) (fl. late 20th century), American radio personality and voice actor Thomas P. Campbell (born 1962), Director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Tommy Campbell (actor) (born 1978), stand-up comedian, actor and writer Tommy Campbell (musician) (born 1959 to musician John Campbell)


Thomas Campbell (Australian politician), Member of the Queensland Legislative Assembly Thomas C. Campbell (1845–1904), New York lawyer and Cincinnati political boss Thomas Cockburn-Campbell (1845–1892), English-born journalist and politician in Australia Thomas Cooper Campbell, New York state senator in the 98th New York State Legislature Thomas Edmund Campbell (1809–1872), seigneur and political figure in Canada East Thomas Edward Campbell (1878–1944), Governor of Arizona Thomas F. Campbell (1897–1957), New York politician Thomas Hayes Campbell (1815-1862), Illinois politician, Illinois Auditor Thomas Jefferson Campbell (1786–1850), American politician Thomas Joseph Campbell (1872–1946), Irish politician, journalist & jurist Thomas Mitchell Campbell (1856–1923), American politician, Governor of Texas Tom Campbell (California politician) (born 1952), former Congressman, 2010 U.S. Senate candidate Tom Campbell (Canadian politician) (1927–2012), Canadian mayor of Vancouver Tom Campbell (North Dakota politician), member of the North Dakota Senate Tom Campbell (Washington politician), former member of the Washington House of Representatives


Thomas Campbell (writer) (1733–1795), Church of Ireland clergyman and traveller Thomas Campbell (minister) (1763–1854), American religious leader Thomas Hardesty Campbell (1907–1989), American Cumberland Presbyterian minister


Tom Campbell (athlete) (1898-1971), American Olympic runner Tom Campbell (South African cricketer) (1882–1924), South African wicket-keeper Thomas Campbell (New Zealand cricketer) (1871-1940), New Zealand cricketer Thomas J. Campbell (American football) (1886–1972), college football head coach Tom Campbell (Australian footballer, born 1924), Australian rules footballer for Hawthorn Tommy Campbell (footballer) (born 1935), Scottish former footballer Tommy Campbell (American football) (born 1947), former American football player Tom Campbell (Australian footballer) (born 1991), Australian rules footballer at the Western Bulldogs Thomas Campbell (footballer), Scottish footballer Tommie Campbell (born 1987), an American gridiron football player currently with the Calgary Stampeders


Thomas W. Campbell (b. 1944, physicist), consciousness researcher and proponent of the simulation argument Thomas D. Campbell (1882-1966), wheat farmer and pioneer of corporate farming Thomas Monroe Campbell (1883–1956), first Cooperative Extension Agent in the United States Tom Campbell (philosopher), philosopher and law professor Thomas Draper Campbell (1893–1967), anthropologist and professor of dentistry, former president of the Anthropological Society of South Australia Thomas Campbell, Scottish convict involved in the Glasgow Ice Cream Wars

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Tom Campbell Black (1899–1936), English aviator Thomas Cambell (c. 1536-1614), English merchant who was Lord Mayor of London in 1609

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