Tree63 is a South African Christian rock band that was formed in 1996. The band has gained international recognition for their unique sound and powerful lyrics. Comprised of John Ellis (vocals and guitar), Darryl Swart (drums), and Daniel Ornellas (bass), Tree63 has captivated audiences with their energetic performances and thought-provoking songs. John Ellis, the lead vocalist and guitarist, was born on August 29, 1973, in Durban, South Africa. He began his musical journey at a young age and developed a passion for rock music. Ellis's talent as a songwriter and vocalist quickly became evident, and he soon found himself performing in various local bands. In 1996, Ellis formed Tree63 with drummer Darryl Swart and bassist Daniel Ornellas. The band's name was inspired by the scripture Psalm 63, which speaks of finding satisfaction in God alone. Tree63's music is deeply rooted in their faith, and their lyrics often explore themes of spirituality, redemption, and personal struggles. Tree63 released their debut album, "Overflow," in 1998. The album received positive reviews and showcased the band's unique sound, which blended elements of rock, pop, and worship music. Tracks like "Look What You've Done" and "Joy" became instant favorites among fans and helped establish Tree63 as a force to be reckoned with in the Christian music scene. In 2000, Tree63 released their second album, "63," which further solidified their place in the industry. The album included the hit single "Treasure," which reached the top of the Christian charts and garnered widespread acclaim. "63" showcased the band's growth as musicians and songwriters, with tracks like "All Hands" and "Alright" demonstrating their ability to craft catchy melodies and thoughtful lyrics. The band's breakthrough came in 2001 with the release of their third album, "The Life and Times of Absolute Truth." This album propelled Tree63 into the international spotlight and earned them critical acclaim. The lead single, "Blessed Be Your Name," became a massive hit and is still one of the band's most beloved songs. "The Life and Times of Absolute Truth" showcased Tree63's ability to create anthemic rock songs that resonated with listeners on a deep level. Following the success of their third album, Tree63 went on to release several more albums, including "The Answer to the Question" (2004), "Sunday!" (2005), and "Land" (2009). Each album showcased the band's growth and maturity as artists, with songs like "King" and "Worldwide" becoming fan favorites. In addition to their albums, Tree63 has also released several live recordings, including "The Life and Times of Absolute Worship" (2002) and "Blessed Be Your Name: The Hits" (2006). These live albums capture the energy and passion of Tree63's live performances and further solidify their reputation as a dynamic and captivating band. Throughout their career, Tree63 has been recognized for their contributions to Christian music. They have received numerous awards and nominations, including Dove Awards for Rock/Contemporary Album of the Year and Rock Recorded Song of the Year. Their music has also been featured in various film and television soundtracks, further expanding their reach and impact. Tree63 continues to tour and perform, captivating audiences with their powerful live performances. They are known for their high-energy shows and their ability to connect with audiences on a personal level. Their music is a testament to their faith and serves as a reminder of the hope and redemption found in Jesus Christ. In conclusion, Tree63 is a South African Christian rock band that has made a significant impact in the music industry. With their powerful lyrics, energetic performances, and unique sound, they have garnered a dedicated fanbase and earned critical acclaim. Through their music, Tree63 continues to inspire and uplift listeners, reminding them of the transformative power of faith.
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