Voxmusic, the musical collective within VoxChurch. We are a group of serving musicians that are passionate and committed to our church community. We have a distinct culture of serving and strive to create moments of encounter through music that feel the same at various locations. This includes leadership development, coaching, discipleship and community building. Voxmusic, the sound of VoxChurch. We have a team of core musicians and songwriters who both serve on campus teams, but also work to create original music that captures what God is doing in our community. The sound is not tied to an individual, but comes from the musical collective within our church. Voxmusic believes we are called to write songs that sing New England back to health and bring the message of the Gospel through song to a world in need. We humbly feel like God has positioned us to reach many though original music. "Our mission is to spread the lifestyle of authentic Christianity for the glory of God and the transformation of our city".
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