The Great Commission - Mission Songs

The great commission takes up a central position as one of the two major themes that run throughout the bible from Genesis to Revelation. Genesis 12:1-4 is one of the foundation stones of the Christian mission. The Mandate to "make disciples of all nations" as instructed by Christ to his disciples following his death and resurrection ( Matt 28:16-20 ; Mark 16:15-18 ; Luke 24:46-49 ; John 20:21-23 ; Acts 1:8 ) commits the Body of Christ to be opened up to the evangelization of the world thus the Great Commission is to be taken with the utmost seriousness by all of his disciples, "to the very end of the age" ( Matt 28:20 ).
The motivation for the Great Commission coils from the heart of God. He started a mission of Reconciling Man back to Himself through the Blood of the Lamb. He therefore invites all that have Faith in the provision to join Him in the proclamation of the Gospel to all the languages, tribes, peoples and tongues. The Great Commission is thus linked to God's words to Abraham: that "all peoples on earth will be blessed through you" ( Gen 12:3 ).
Jesus' disciples are to replicate themselves in the lives of those who respond to the Gospel and are to teach them to obey everything that Christ Has commanded through the scriptures.
This category therefore endorses The Mission of God through music. In some of these songs the missionary emphasis is only indirect. In others, a phrase or two has a global mission’s tone; in some the theme of world evangelization floods the entire song.

Top 100 commission Songs