Citipointe Worship - Fear Is Behind You (Doxology)

Chorus / Description : Fear is behind you, hope is in front. Trust in God's grace, live in awe and be like Him. Praise Him for His goodness and await His return.

Fear Is Behind You (Doxology) Lyrics

Fear is behind you
Hope is in front
Angels beside you
And heaven above
Go in peace
Go in love
Go in grace
As grace gives to us

Live in awe
Lean on faith
Find your rest
Deep in His name
Live in prayer
Pray in power
Let his spirit
Go with you now

So be like Him
In everything
In all your ways be holy
For He is good
For He is kind
And worthy of all glory

All glory and power and honour
All dominion
And majesty
Be unto God in the highest
And peace to the
Saints who believe
To the Father, the Son, Holy Spirit
The fount from which all
Blessing flows
Praise Him oh angels in
Praise Him all creatures below

He will return
He will restore
Broken hearts
Broken no more
He will return
He will restore
His Glory reigns

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  • Song: Fear Is Behind You (Doxology)
  • Artist(s): Citipointe Worship