God has promises for me
His plans won't fail
All that he said in Christ
Are yea and amen
God has promises for me
His plans, his plans won't fail
All that he said in Christ are yea and amen

Response : yeah and amen

There is a witness in me
Saying son you'll make it through
Cause I won't retire but refire ooh
I've got a future
I've got a destiny
I've got the light of God in me
My path is shinning brighter brighter
Everyday everyday
I'm breaking forth like a new day...

Verse 2
I remember those days when the devil had me bound
I wallowed in the mire of grief and despair
No one to Help me 'till I met the Saviour Jesus
What a light He shed.
He fought and gave me victory
I've got.

I'm breaking forth like the light of the morning
I've moved away from the dusk into the dawn
My night is over oh oh
I've got the victory
The Greater One lives in me
I am more than a conqueror

Call: I am more than
Resp: Conqueror
Cal: In Jesus mighty name I've got
Resp: Victory



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