Forrest Frank - Change Of Plans

Chorus / Description : The song reflects on a failed plan and the resilience to adapt. It highlights the hope for a brighter future and the need for patience.

Change Of Plans Lyrics

Well, that didn't work out now did it
It seems the storm was a tad too turbulent for the cowboy
And you know how it gets in the desert
When it rains it pours
But, the funny thing about storms is
Though they may seem dark and grim at first
That downfall settles into the storm and finds its way to the sea
And when the warm sunshine announces its presence
May colors return and all sorts of beauty is produced
For our companion and his lady
It seems that initial root was deep enough to survive
All that seed needed was a little drink
Ay, speaking of drink, pass me that tea

Change Of Plans Video

  • Song: Change Of Plans
  • Artist(s): Forrest Frank