Jeremy Riddle - Steady Me

Steady Me Lyrics

You never said I wouldn’t feel pain
But You said that You’d be with me ‘til the end
You never promised that I wouldn’t break
But You promised that You’d be right there when I did

This world is broken and dark are the days
But Your peace is spoken I’m not afraid

Even when the ground I’m standing on begins to shake
You set my feet, You steady me
Even when my heart feels like it’s tossed among the waves
It won’t skip a beat, You steady me

You steady, You steady, You steady me
You steady, You steady, You steady me

There’s so much in life I won’t understand
But Your ways are higher than my thoughts
I could build my house on the sand
But I’d rather build it on the rock

When the light is fading
When my mind is racing
When my faith is shaking
You steady, You steady me

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  • Song: Steady Me
  • Artist(s): Jeremy Riddle


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