Jim Reeves - Oh, Gentle Shepherd

Oh, Gentle Shepherd Lyrics

My soul is lost, so lonely and so cold
Just like a lamb that has strayed from the fold
Across the barren waste of sin I roam
Oh, gentle shepherd hear my cry and lead me home.

The hours go by on frightened wings of flight
While wolves of hell are waiting for the night
To claim the soul that wandered from the fold
Oh, gentle shepherd hear my cry and save my soul.

Oh, gentle shepherd hear my lonely cry
And in Thy cool green pastures let me lie
Beside the still clear waters lead Thou me
Oh, gentle shepherd safe forevermore with Thee...

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  • Song: Oh, Gentle Shepherd
  • Artist(s): Jim Reeves
  • Album: 20 Songs of Inspiration
  • Release Date: 07 Oct 2014
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