Joyfull Praise Choir Ngoro Yeminana Lyrics

Ngoro yeminana
Ngoro ye breakthrough 
Ngoro yeminana paya patinochema
Ngoro yeminana mugore reminana
Ngoro yeminana paye patinoshaya

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8 Comments/Reviews

  • Netsai Chigwendere

    A touching lyric that gives hope you to the hopeless.

  • Patrick Kimani G

    Mmmh! Great song. I'm Patrick from Kenya. I am loving all the songs by Joyfull Praise. Great voices and instrumentals plus song arrangement. I would like to get their translation kindly, if possible.

  • Mpande Moses

    i love the song sooo sooo much cnt stop playing t buh love ts translation in english

  • Blossy

    i really love this song....JPC ihebo # myfavchoir u guys esp that my besty anoimba with u guys shout out to u Ebby Munyanyi#mainnvadhafudhafu

  • Mpho

    I love this song anyone with lyrics pls send it to me with translation in English thank you so much

  • Pupurayi P

    A nice song veduwee...keep the fire going
    "Tinoidana toti ngoro yeminana mugore remunana ...☺"

  • Joyce Dongo

    Keep it going.

  • Hezborn Siteki

    Wow..real blessed people