Mack Brock - Your Church is Alive

Your Church is Alive Lyrics

We are gathered in this place
Under one name, one name
Sons and daughters full of faith
Under one name, one name
On this rock, we stand, in the power of Christ
The keys in hand, we carry Your fire          
The gates of hell, will cower in the fight
Your church is alive
Your church is alive
There is room for everyone
Under Your grace, Your grace
Every shackle comes undone 
When we say, Your name
We’re gonna see signs and wonders
Get ready for miracles
We’re gonna see breakthrough happen
Get ready, get ready
We’re gonna see real revival
We’ll see the lost come home
We’re gonna see heaven’s glory
Get ready, get ready

Your Church is Alive Video

  • Song: Your Church is Alive
  • Artist(s): Mack Brock
  • Album: SPACE
  • Release Date: 20 Nov 2020
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