Karbi Zuciyata (Receive My Heart) Lyrics + Video

Karbi Zuciyata (Receive My Heart) Lyrics

Oh that my offering 
Will be acceptable in your sight 
My lord and king
That you’ll be pleased with me 
And in the sound I bring 
Before your throne

Karbi zuciyata
(Receive my heart)
Hadayar ka mai tsaki
(a sacrifice Holy one)

Duba hannu na
(See my hands)
Ubangiji na
(My Lord)

Call: Gani nan
(here I am)
Response: Gani nan x2
Call: Gani nan
Response: Gani nan x2
(here I am)
Da dukan zuciyata
(with all my heart)

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  • Abbas Gambo Obadiah

    Nice song it's so sensational 8 months ago