Resound Worship - We See The Fruitful Harvest

We See The Fruitful Harvest Lyrics

We see the fruitful harvest
our gracious God provides,
and how, in his abundance,
our needs are satisfied.

He sends the yearly seasons,
and feeds with joy and care;
pure light and living water
poured out for all to share.

Lord of all the harvest, 
creation brings you praise,
so we will join the joyful song
of everything you’ve made.

This world of revelation
unfolds before our eyes,
the birds sing out God’s glories,
His wisdom fills the skies.

The seeds are sown to teach us
of death that leads to life.
The fruitful trees remind us
to live each day in Christ.

There is another harvest,
the workers are so few.
We’ll tend the seeds he’s planted
and see his word bear fruit.
Creation groans in longing
for earth to be restored,
that day of celebration:
the harvest of the Lord.

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  • Song: We See The Fruitful Harvest
  • Artist(s): Resound Worship
  • Album: Harvest Songs - EP
  • Release Date: 18 Jun 2019
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