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Good Things Lyrics

Did I take Your joy for granted
Was I making friends with feelings
When all I had to do was let go
And let You in
Have I wrestled with devotion
In one day and out the other
When You were always gentle
You were always good

There’s not a missing piece
When You are the thread between
Make right what’s wrong in me
You only make good things

(My Father) Tell me the truth again
Remind of who I am
Love me like no one can
You always do
Sing over me again
I live with open hands
I know You’re still working
You’re not done yet

Did I let my dreams go wasted
By finding my worth from people
When you already told me
Yours is who I am
So I’ll trade my plans for Jesus
Walk in His way of freedom
Everything I needed You already have

You will finish what You start
Your creation is Your heart
You are making good things
What is broken is not dead
You can always resurrect
You are making good things

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  • Song: Good Things
  • Artist(s): SEU Worship


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