For Your Tears I Died Lyrics

He said come to the water
And stand by my side
And drink from the fountain
You won't be denied
I have seen every teardrop
That fell from your eyes
And I rose to tell you
For your tears I died

Verse 1
He's calling for the sinner
And the backslider too
You ought to be there
He died for you
He died on the cross
But now He's alive
And He rose to tell you
For your sins He died

Verse 2
He's calling for the sick
And calling for the lame
If you don't be healed
He's not to blame
He died on the cross
But now He's alive
And He rose to tell you
For your pain He died

Verse 3
He's calling for the motherless
And the fatherless too
No sister, or no brother
To care for you
He died on the cross
But now He's alive
And He rose to tell you
For your joy He died

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  • Larry Clark

    I'd like to do an article on the story behind the lyrics of "For Your Tears I Died". Where can I direct an email to get the story?


    p.s. I publish a church newsletter called "Prosperity Pages" and do a "story behind" each month for music that causes our congregation to think.

  • Pamela

    Where can I purchase this sheet music, if it’s available?

  • Anita Arnold

    Hello. Beautiful Music!!!! Where can I purchase the sheet music for this song? I Love this song and would like to say that hearing the two of you sing this song was a blessing. I would love to be able to play this song on guitar. Thank you and God Bless you, both.

  • Mike Brian

    Or can I buy the music sheets to sing along or play along on My sabbath day after corona is finished,if it will

  • Mike Brian

    Hello.can I have the chords of this song or instrumental so I can play alongside my keyboard at home.

  • Mike Brian

    What a beautiful song.i was so stressed after I lost my job last week ad my tears are taken off.its so soothing and gave me more hope of living.welldone ad give us more.

  • DeWanna Hurst

    Absolutely love this song. Is there a sound track available anywhere? Thank you in advance for blessing with this song. Amazing.

Bible Verses for For Your Tears I Died

Philippians 2 : 8

and being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, becoming obedient `even' unto death, yea, the death of the cross.