Travis Greene Tent Revival Lyrics

Verse 1
It’s time for church
First giving honor to the head of my life
The life of the party gives
Beauty for ashes
Don’t need no matches
He is fire all by Himself
Light it up in my

Soul, oh
I can see You moving
Holy Ghost take
Control, oh
I can feel Your fire
Like a tent revival

Verse 2
Let’s lift a praise
Cause when it goes up
The blessings come down
Enough to go around
Don’t be ashamed
If you feel it in your hands
Lift them high
It might be a fire in your


Bridge 1
Feeling like a tent revival
Something’s turning
My heart is burning with one desire

I see wood
I see fire
I will be Your revival

Bridge 2
My heart is a tent
For You to dwell in (live here) 

Tent Revival Video

SET A TENT (feat. Dr. Jackie Greene) | Forward City & Travis Greene

Official Music Video for “SET A TENT” featuring Dr. Jackie Greene.

“SET A TENT” was a prayer given by Dr. Jackie Greene. It is from Forward City’s new collaborative project with Travis Greene titled “TENT REVIVAL” released on August 19th.

TENT REVIVAL was recorded in Columbia, South Carolina at Forward City Church in July 2022.


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