Will Reagan - Lack

Chorus / Description : Lack by Will Reagan explores the struggle to trust and reconcile our fears and desires, urging us to embrace grace and take action instead of waiting.

Lack Lyrics

Down along the wild
Surely shots were fired
Bought with blood and pride
Heard the sounds of sight

Too soon to see, to soon to trust
We pick apart the empty dust
The lack that leads to luck
You might, you should, you must
Give care back there, reconcile
The fearful and the playful child
That leads us to a fate
Lest we just stand and wait

Could this be the end
Our goodness all but spent
Thought you'd understand

Crawling down the empty [?]
The truth we felt was old and tired
We never spoke a lie
But what we knew was time
Don't look to what was left [?]
Your grace is what you choose to dare
The truth is in the air
The sweat, the tears, the care

Doubt among the wild
[?] lines
Caught with mud in time
Heard of sounds of night

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  • Song: Lack
  • Artist(s): Will Reagan