Zach Williams - Holy Rollin'

Holy Rollin' Lyrics

I spent so long searching for freedom
Living life like a rollin’ stone
Runnin’ blind only kept me from seein’
I was lost on a dead-end road 

Didn’t know I was looking for Jesus
Sure didn’t know He was looking for me
I left my baggage at the station
And boarded the train to eternity 

And now, I’m holy rollin’
I know where my soul is goin’
‘Cause I’m holdin’
A one-way ticket to the promised land
Bound for glory that’s what I am
I’m holy rollin’ 

You see this train’s full of sinners and heathens
But this train’s full of stories of grace
It won’t be long we’re all gonna meet Him
He’s gonna call each child by name 

Down those streets of gold
My soul keeps singin’ that song of old
Holy holy 

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  • Song: Holy Rollin'
  • Artist(s): Zach Williams
  • Album: A Hundred Highways
  • Release Date: 30 Sep 2022
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