Zach Williams - I Got You

I Got You Lyrics

I know you’re feeling the fire
I know you’re facing the storm
I know you’re buried in ashes
I know you’re weathered and worn
I know you feel abandoned
Like no one knows your pain
Don’t lose faith...Just call my name 

I get it...I got you
These hands will never drop you
There’s nothing you could walk through
That I haven’t walked before
I get it...I got you
My thoughts have never lost you
When this world feels like it’s robbed you - just know
All I have is Yours 

Hold on to the promise...Hold on to the truth
I’ve won every battle...These scars are the proof
Just trust when you let go
You’ll fall into my grace
Don’t lose faith...Just call my name, ‘cause 

There’s never been a moment
There’s never been a day
There’s never been a broken heart
That’s been too far away 
No you don’t have to earn it
The works already done
Oh there’s nothing you could ever do
To separate my love 

Oh I get it, Oh I got you 

Songwriters: Zach Williams, Jonathan Smith, Casey Beathard

I Got You Video

  • Song: I Got You
  • Artist(s): Zach Williams
  • Album: A Hundred Highways
  • Release Date: 30 Sep 2022
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