Zach Williams - Like A Billy Graham Revival

Like A Billy Graham Revival Lyrics

I remember when I was younger Watching him on TV
The gentle giant man with wavy hair
Speaking to the world looking right at me
Those red letters came alive
A Sunday sermon on a Friday night 
But it feels like we’ve lost our minds
Wish I could turn back time 

What the world needs now is a
Good old fashioned, everlasting
Fiery passion
Hearts are breaking...Souls are shaking
Walking down the aisle cause all we need saving
Bible toting, King James quoting 
Truth is spoken...Hearts wide open
Choir still singing just as I am
Like a Billy Graham revival 

Lord, it’s amazing
To see how far we’ve come
But if we’re gonna be the change
We gotta get back to where we started from
Songwriters: Zach Williams, Jonathan Smith, Tom Douglas

Like A Billy Graham Revival Video

  • Song: Like A Billy Graham Revival
  • Artist(s): Zach Williams
  • Album: A Hundred Highways
  • Release Date: 30 Sep 2022
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