Zach Williams - Sunday's Comin'

Sunday's Comin' Lyrics

When your week feels like a beat down
And you can’t tell the night from day
And you’re tired of fighting battles
When all you feel is pain 
Oh, it’s a heavy weight 

There’s hope on the horizon
‘Cause the cross was not the end
Let joy come in the morning
Child lift your head...Don’t you give up yet 

Keep on holdin’ on there’s gonna be a breakthrough
Keep on holdin’ on don’t stay buried in that grave
If He can roll the stone
He can send the darkness runnin’ 
Might feel like Friday, but your Sunday’s comin’
It might feel like Friday, but your Sunday’s comin’ 

So let your soul start singing
And dry those tear-stained eyes
There’s a new life and you can breathe in
You’re gonna see the light
On the other side 

For the mamma’s praying for their family
Your Sunday’s comin’
For the daddy’s struggling to make ends meet
Your Sunday’s comin’
And if addiction’s bringing you to your knees
Your Sunday’s comin’
Oh, if anybody here wants to be set free
Your Sunday’s comin’ 

Songwriters: Zach Williams, Ethan Hulse, Nick Schwarz

Sunday's Comin' Video

  • Song: Sunday's Comin'
  • Artist(s): Zach Williams
  • Album: A Hundred Highways
  • Release Date: 30 Sep 2022
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