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In This House Lyrics

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Verse 1
In this house there is freedom
In this house love will reign
In this house we will shed all shame

Verse 2
In this house there is mercy
In this house we are safe
In this house overflowing praise

Chorus 1
(And) We will dwell in the house of the Lord
Our Maker
(And) We will hide in the hands of the Lord
Our God
You've taught us well to return to the Lord
Our Savior here and now (here and now)

Verse 3
In this house no more anger
In this house no selfish gain
In this house hope and love will remain

Sing with the angels sing with the heavens
Sing in the presence of our God
Sing of His kindness mercy that binds us
Making us one

In this house we share burdens
In this house we loosen chains
In this house hearts stay open
Lives are changed

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